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A CAPPELLA HUMANA is a digital and visual re-imagining of – “The Nativity Story.” Emmanuel (The Prince of Peace) has returned to tell his story, but under the guise of a reality TV show host who takes a group of modern-day contestants on a journey from AD to BC back to AD. This witty and satirical musical explores the power and boundaries of the human voice, while blending soul-stirring vocal arrangements  like “Go Tell It On The Mountain,” “Mary Did You Know,” to electrifying original compositions like “You Raise Me Up”, and “Bomb The World.” A CAPPELLA HUMANA is a reality show about our human reality, what we have become behind the guise of religion, politics, gender and immerses the audience into a provocative multimedia experience.


Conceived/Co-Written/Directed by Kevin Ramsey 

Co-Written by Pearl Ramsey    

Photo Credit: Mobius/Joe Del Tufo


Originally Produced by the Delaware Theatre Company



Mary sing to her new born Prince of Peace.
Joseph takes a selfie of his newborn son.
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