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FIRE ON THE BAYOU On the eve of the first Mardi Gras after Hurricane Katrina, a homeless girl and her young brother wander the streets in search of their kinfolks. They tap dance on street corners to survive. Like a Greek chorus, a band of angels descend to rescue these youths, and ignite FIRE ON THE BAYOU into a mythical journey that will transport audiences to the jazz-filled streets of New Orleans - a colorful, vibrant city where the “Saints Go Marching In,” and culture rises up from the streets. The audience is led on a musical journey seen through the lens of Katrina survivors.  FIRE ON THE BAYOU is  "One Mardi Gras You Will Never Forget.“ 


Written & Directed by Kevin Ramsey

Photo Credit: Matt Urban/Joe del Tufo @ Mobius.


Originally Produced by Milwaukee Repertory  & the Delaware Theatre Company



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