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I REMEMBER HARLEM (previously titled "If These Shoes Could Talk") opens at the funeral of Maxwell “Maxey” Ford, a song and dance man of yesteryear whose deferred dreams of stardom have ended with his burial.  Maxey leaves behind a vintage shoe-shine stand and building where he ran one of Harlem’s last number running operations. His estranged son, Wellington Ford, a successful investment banker, returns to settle his father’s affairs, only to uncover painful family secrets, as those who loved Maxey rally against the sale of the building, as they confront the rise of gentrification and the AIDS epidemic infiltrating their community.


Written for and starred the late-great Harold Nicholas from the dynamic Hollywood film's tap duo, The Nicholas Brothers. 


Book By Kevin Ramsey and Lee Summers
Music and Lyrics by Lee Summers and Kevin Ramsey


Originally Produced by Milwaukee Repertory  & the Delaware Theatre Company


                      Targeting Broadway Run 2023/24



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